Back & Neck Pain Relief


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  • Back & Neck Pain Relief
  • Back & Neck Pain Relief

Mintiva Back and Neck Pain Relief Cream provides fast, powerful pain relief where you need it most. 

Mintiva's patent-pending formulation uses the highest quality ingredients and the maximum amount of our FDA-approved pain relieving active ingredient currently available to the public. Trolamine Salicylate, an odor-free topical pain reliever, works directly with our proprietary trans-dermal delivery system to penetrate fast and deliver ingredients directly to aching joints and muscles. 

  • designed specifically for use on the back and neck
  • non-greasy and non-oily
  • targets and relieves back and neck pain
  • long-lasting pain relief
Available in a 2 ounce flip-top tube. 

Active Ingredient: Trolamine Salicylate (10.0%)